About us

Welcome to DrSriram Publications, 

DrSriram Publications, is one of the leading publishers in India dealing in more than 100 titles. We are well reputed for publishing quality books mainly in Medical, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Engineering and Management,.

Our produce can begin with an author’s vision or our own vision, based on market research. Our publishing program is distinguished by our history of developing successful books specially for nursing professionals,  educations and students. Our editorial, development, marketing, production, marketing and sales are devoted to the health professions and understand the special demands of health science publishing.

We bring you the highest quality academic Books. Our focus is on the finest scholarly works in all Professions.  We eagerly look to the future as we continue to bring hallmarks of new scientific research and development in higher education.

Our experienced team of sales professionals provides the most comprehensive sales, marketing and distribution for the books we publish.

We believe that there is a talented lot of Indian authors there, who can largely contribute to make a difference in the world. We are proud to publish and present such authors to the reading world across the globe.